Wednesday, 23 December 2015

A proof of real Excitement around IOT and Big Data in the B2B space

Chandramouli Srinivasan

I got to meet my clients, prospective clients and partners in India this December 2015 and had an opportunity to have an engaged discussion with them.
Since many of our clients/prospective clients are in service delivery space the discussion topics ranged from

1) Challenges facing the businesses in IOT & Big Data space.
2) Expectation on higher Business Value creation and higher ROI.
3) Proposal for better service delivery ownership models.
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Friday, 7 August 2015

Salesforce’s most successful salesman no one knows - David Rudnitsky

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Chandramouli Srinivasan

He is one of the guys who was instrumental in putting the company to 50Billion USD today. He created sales playbook for his team that contains 11 strategies.
The playbook doesn’t contain any groundbreaking secrets, but has some important lessons that many companies can definitely learn from.

 1. "Think BIG, Have Attitude": Think big (dollars and scope), not just the immediate opportunity in front of you. Behave as if your company is big, even if it's not. Salesforce's average customer had 12 users when Rudnitsky started out.

2. "No deal is won or lost alone": Bring in the entire team to work on new deals, and brainstorm about how to do a better job. "I'm less impressed with someone who closes a $2 million deal alone than I am with someone who brought all of us in and still closed the same $2 million deal," Rudnitsky said.

 3. "Connect the dots": Never cold-call, always call with a plan. Constantly reach out to contacts and find connections before engaging with a prospect.

 4. "Focus on 'why not": Instead of thinking about why a deal will close, focus on why it might not. "Anticipating the 'why nots' gives you a significant advantage over [competitors]," he writes.

 5. "Always take the deal off the table": Make sure every deal is closed if it's ready to close. Don't waste any time, leaving a chance for the deal stalling and potentially getting away.

 6. "Get your face in the place": Meet your customers in person. You won't be able to learn anything about them by just talking on the phone. It also strengthens the customers' confidence in you.

 7. "Fun facts build instant credibility": Try to learn everything about your customer and collect 'fun facts' that could be used to build your credibility.

 8. "Be proactive on all paperwork": Make sure all paperwork is in place. Otherwise, it will "come back to bite you."

 9. "Always get quid pro quo in negotiations": Don't be afraid to ask for more and say no when needed. For example, make sure you're allowed to announce the deal in the press because it gives huge publicity that could lead to other opportunities.

 10. "Share best practices": Share great emails or proposals with the rest of the team and try to learn from them. And use them in other deals too.

 11. "Go after game changers": Look for deals that can take the company to the next level. "These deals are revolutionary in a company's evolution. Winning huge customers, such as Dell and Japan Post, was game changing for our company.

 Coutresy : Business Insider
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Wednesday, 6 May 2015

MOBODEXTER – Awarded “20 Most Promising Companies In Cyber Security” By CIOReview Magazine

“Our products are not looking to provide a single dimensional security, rather focuses on multi-layered approach from chip to application – from devices to cloud; the aim is to provide additional security to the existing infrastructure by building the complete security stack by combining hardware and software”, explains Chandramouli Srinivasan(Mouli), CEO & President of MoboDexter.

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Sensing opportunity in mobile and niche technology, experienced IT professional starts up MoboDexter

Having spent a considerable amount time in the corporate world, he felt the itch to launch a startup. “I felt the need to challenge the status quo to deliver technical innovations on a different scale and identified mobile application space as the place where most innovation can be delivered on global scale for future devices,” says Mouli.

niche technology

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Tuesday, 3 March 2015


IRC LOGGER is designed to ease the efforts of logging the time volunteered towards International Rescue Committee work. The app allows user to log the time sheets of the work and automatically mail them to user’s IRC supervisor based on the configuration settings in the app. It allows helps to record repeated work easily with configuration settings.
IRC logger
– User can select your task, start time, end time,details or just insert hours worked to save the time sheet in the app.
– User can easily create a report with all time registrations from the selected period.
– User can send the time sheet to their supervisor through email.
– Entire app can be password protected and the password is stored on the device itself.
– Email configuration on password setup is used to send password if user forgets the password.
– You can also login with Facebook. Facebook login is for login purpose only and not posting any content of the app to Facebook page.
– Multilingual support for English, French, German, Italian & Spanish and app lets the user to select language at login.
– Internet Connection is required for sending mail and Facebook login. All other functionality is support in offline mode without any internet connection.

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SXFXN – Have You Heard Of “Fifty Shades of Grey” ??

SxFxN is the best app to record and explore the users sexual passion as explored in the movie “50 Shades of Grey”. This app will help to track & explore the details of all types of sexual passion of the user from choice of partners to type, place, date, day. This app has been designed based on the research paper published on the parameters influencing sexual passion in humans. Hence the app is designed to be neutral to user’s gender and neutral to partner’s gender as well.
App will provide an easy interface for user to enter the details of user’s sexual activities under 3 categories like sex, masturbation, and others. Under each category, the user can store the details of sexual act like with whom, where, type of actions/position, domination and your feeling providing rating for each category.
Based on you’re the user entries app will generate reports that helps the user in identifying user’s sexual passion on the aspects like
· What makes you more satisfied.
· With whom you express most passion during sex.
· What, Where and Who makes you happier by comparing the statistics.
· What are all your best things during sex, like place, type of action etc.,
· Best partner details and when the user peaks.
Shades of Grey
Security Features:
· The app is password protected for securing the user’s privacy and all the data entered in the application by the user is stored only on the user’s device.
· The user feeds in all the information for application to generate charts and dashboard of user’s sexual exploration.
· The user can choose the information in the app that can be shared with his potential/past/future partners via social media and email.
· The app does not carry any images or video on how, where and when to perform a sexual action. This application does not contain any explicit porn content.
· All content are fed in to the application by the user and hence will remain as a copyright of the user only.

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Thursday, 26 February 2015

Date2DATE - Dating Tracker

Whom did you date last month? Where did you go?
How was your experience on each of you date?
Who is your best date? Which is the place you like to date more?
Whom are the partners you date more?
Puzzled finding answers?
Need something to store your lovely memories and also save you from a fight with your partner. So here is our app solution for Android and iOS devices called Date2DATE where you can easily manage all your dates, log your experience and rate your date. Check how long you have been with your date at a glance, celebrate your memories and share it with them, make a record of all your dates in one place and according to your satisfactory level it will show you your best date. All the data is stored on the device only and you can choose to share in social media if you want. The app does take or store your personal data outside the device.

Date2Date App Features:
·Managing your dates–Manage all your dates and satisfaction levels for same.
·Login- To secure the app from other users of the device, it has a login associated with it so no one else can see your personal data, as well as it has social Facebook login.
·Multi-Lingual support-It has multiple language support including English, Spanish, Italian, and French & German, based on the settings at the time of log-in it will change language of application.
·Sharing – You can share your date experience with your date. You can share your feelings with your partner or with the social group.
·Adding DATE & Repeating DATE – Date form is very simple you just have to tell your date name place and your satisfaction level to add a date, also without need to worry about filling form again one can easily update repeat date with repeat option.
·Edit or Delete Date–One can easily delete or edit their date details any time.
·Internet is not a barrier between Date2DATE and User–Worried about internet, for Date2DATE you don’t have to worry about your internet connection, you can use this anywhere, any time as all data is stored only on the device.

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